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Photo by Paula Figella August 2021 Monarch butterfly caterpillar on butterfly weed

The Lillies are really putting their best faces forward this year. If only they lasted a little bit longer

Photo by Kathy Norris June 2021
My favorite Iris called Rare Treat

One of our Rhododendrons reaches the second floor now

Photo by Kathy Norris June 2021

photo by Kathy Rose May 2021

This carpenter bee puts a whole in the side of the flower to get the nectar which interferes with proper pollination

Photo by Kathy Rose May 2021

Photo by Carol Deloghia Swenor
Photo by Terry Augusti February 2021

Bougainvillea Nice way to brighten a cold and snowy week

Photo By Terry Augusti October 2020

Why is that the last rose of summer is the most beautiful

These two mini hibiscus were new to my garden this year. They are only a foot tall, but they have had continuous blossoms. Hopefully they’ll come up again next year!

The butterfly just loved this plant all summer

Photo by Kathy Rose

The huge black and yellow garden spider is very beneficial to your garden so don’t kill it.

Our Silk Tree has been blooming for six weeks and is just finishing, really outdid itself! Albizia Julibissin is it’s proper name, some call it a Mimosa Tree.

Photo by Kathy Rose July 2020

This Black Swallowtail is loving the bright orange Butterfly Weed which is also a favorite of the humming birds.

Photo by Rose White July 2020
Photo by Kathy Rose June 2020

This pitcher plant which grows on the edge of my pond had two beautiful blossoms which have lasted in different stages for months. Right now in August they are all green, I imagine they are about done.

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